Most muscular anime characters — top 20 male and female

Anime is full of bulky and powerful characters. But which ones are most muscular anime characters?

Each anime character is unique and different in its own way. Although many anime characters have similar personality traits as some are charismatic, devoted, aloof, or sadistic. But their motives, dialogues, past, etc., differ from each other. But another thing in common is that they all are very strong. They have fit, muscular bodies to crush their opponents and defend themselves from attacks. This top list will talk about the top 20 most muscular anime characters so far, based solely on their muscle mass.

These muscular anime characters have huge muscles because of the extensive training they have to go through. Whether these muscular anime characters are heroes or villains, they must be strong enough to achieve their goals. They’re thrown from tall heights or are hit by powerful attacks, the only thing saving them from dying is their muscular body.

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1. Superalloy Darkshine from One Punch Man

Credit: Madhouse / J.C.Staff

One Punch Man is an anime full of extremely powerful heroes. Yet, among them stands out an extraordinary hero, Superalloy Darkshine. Before even getting this level for strong, he could use his one arm to lift two tons of weight. He is unrivaled and his physical strength surpasses that of most superheroes.

His body speaks itself that why he is ranked as the number 1 hero, and the number 1 muscular anime character on this list. Superalloy Darkshine wasn’t born physically gifted. As he used to be a sickly young boy but he trained so hard that he became the most muscular hero.

2. Yujiro Hanma from Baki the Grappler

Credit: TMS Entertainment

Yujiro Hanma is the father of Baki Hanma, the anime’s protagonist. He is known across the last for being the strongest man on earth. He is strong enough to defeat the US military. One can see his images on Google and easily accept that fact. I mean, Yujiro is muscular on a whole other level.

Yujiro’s so strong that many governments and organizations hire him to do difficult tasks for them. These tasks include punching the ground hard enough to prevent tectonic activity leading to an earthquake and preventing the US military from winning the war in Vietnam. His body is indestructible like a military tank. It repels almost every physical attack including a missile.

3. Muscular from My Hero Academia

Credit: Bones

Nope, I’m not calling him Muscular. His name is Muscular because of his quirk which is Muscular Augmentation. Muscular is a villain who is able to enhance and manipulate his muscle fibers. He is very well-built even before activating his quirk. But nothing too extraordinary.

However, once his quirk is activated, he is on a whole other level. His muscle mass significantly rises, covering his body his whole body with only muscle fibers. His muscle strength alone is enough to dominate the power All for One.

4. Machio Naruzo from How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift?

Credit: Doga Kobo

Before he takes off his close, Machio looks like a pretty average gym trainer. One from whom you won’t be much impressed and be like “eh, so he needs some training as well”. But oh, the moment he takes off his clothes, his exceptionally muscular body would keep your jaws open. Machio is a gym trainer at the Silverman Gym but he is not an ordinary gym trainer.

His body is the most muscular one in the anime. Seeing him would give you motivation for the gym because you can see him working hard in the gym too. He is such a gym freak that he never skips a single day, not even leg day. Also, he loves ripping off his clothes and showing off his body to everyone.

5. Broly from Dragon Ball Super

Credit: Toei Animation

Most of the characters in the Dragon Ball series are machomen. But when it comes to Broly, he is on a different level. According to the writer of the Dragon Ball series, Broly is the only character to be given the title of “Universal Strongest”. One can get scared of him only by looking at his body.

 He doesn’t even need to unleash his powers to make his opponent believe how strong it is. He did beat up Goku and Vegeta pretty hard. Look at him, he is like a pure walking muscle mass. He spent all his life restlessly training on an empty planet which led to his body becoming massively bulky.

6. Younger Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho

Credit: Pierrot

Is any description needed here? Certainly not. One can look at Toguro and realize that this man is out of his league. He is very tall and his shoulders are so broad. He uses the muscle enhancement technique which makes him more powerful and muscular. Giving him enough strength to fight against beasts and powerful opponents.

He can increase the size of his muscles by 100% in this technique. He is so muscular that all he has to do is flip his finger and a burst of vacuum erupts. He is one of the most iconic antagonists in Yu Yu Hakusho.

7. Escanor from The Seven Deadly Sins

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Escanor is the most muscular character in The Seven Deadly Sins. He probably wouldn’t be happy being at this spot because he’s the sin of pride and always considers himself as the best. He is the best no doubt because he is one of the strongest characters in the anime. One after another he slays an enemy, every day is a new victory for him.

As the sun rises, so does the muscle mass in Escanor’s body. Escanor becomes very strong and bulky when the sun rises. However, he shrinks and becomes the total opposite in the night. Escanor has two opposite personalities which switch as his power changes as well according to the days’ time.

8. Alex Louis Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Credit: Bones

The Fullmetal Alchemist franchise is full of powerful Alchemists, but this one right here has a muscular body as no one else has in it. It’s a good thing Alex has all these muscles because he loves getting rid of his shirt all the time. Alex isn’t only a muscle, he is also very skilled in combat, is smart and fast.

Alex is very helpful in fighting against the enemies. His physical strength combined with his alchemy makes him a formidable opponent. Unlike the other characters in this list, Alex is very emotional due to which he has a good relationship with his comrades. His emotions work in his favor because they make him perform even harder and better in battles.

9. All Might from My Hero Academia

Credit: Bones

The spotlight is finally on the symbol of peace and former number one hero, All Might. All Might is the favorite Hero of everyone in the anime, and he’s a very popular character from the series too. He ticks the boxes of being the best hero, strong sense of justice, is powerful, is always there when needed, is brave, and cares for everyone. Since he is the number one hero, he is bound to be powerful and has a bulky body that would turn the heads of people as he walks.

The best part about him is he doesn’t have a bit of pride although he is so loved by everyone. He cares about the citizens more than himself which is why he’s an excellent mentor. He trains Midoriya very hard so he can surpass him and take care of the ones he cannot anymore.

10. Ira Gamagoori from Kill la Kill

Credit: Trigger

Lady Satsuki’s impenetrable shield, Ira Gamagorori no doubt has such a muscular body, not much can penetrate it. He is approximately 9 feet tall and has superhuman strength. His raw strength is so powerful that he can defeat multiple users of Goku uniforms without even wearing his own. His bulky and strong body enables him to endure pain and attacks without inflicting much damage.

Here is the shocking part, Ira is only 19 years old. That’s crazy, isn’t it? That means his muscle mass has only started and that he still can easily grow more with age.

11. Joseph Joestar from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Credit: David Production

If you’ve watched this anime, then you probably know why this young man is on this list. Joseph is an 18-year-old boy who has huge muscles. I mean, his biceps are bigger than a watermelon.

Joseph is a very adaptive Stand user and has good breathing techniques as well. Joseph has been seen battling against the Pillar Men, malevolent Stand users, and Vampires. Joseph often reacts violently when he is provoked even a bit. He knows his huge muscles and strength are enough to beat people up.

12. Lordgenome from Gurren Lagann

Credit: Gainax

Seeing his body makes me want to finally hit the gym. Look at him, his muscles are way too huge. Also, he looks so cool because of them. He is seven feet tall and is approximately one thousand years old. He is the antagonist of the anime’s first arc. He is a cruel, tyrant ruler who oppresses humans.

Unlike other antagonists in the anime, Lordgenome is a full-blooded human. Although Lordgenome is seen as a ruthless ruler at first, a more complex side of his personality is shown as the series progresses.

13. Rider from Fate/Zero

Credit: Ufotable

Rider is a supporting protagonist in Fate/Zero. He is tall, has red hair, tan skin, and of course, is very muscular. He wears all that armor and a red cape on his body, yet it can be seen how bulky he is. Rider knows he doesn’t have to take his clothes off to show off his muscles.

Rider is wild but values the bonds and friendship he has. But one thing he loves the most is wine.  Also, Rider is one very adventurous man. He’s very excited to go outside and have different experiences as a human. When he’s free, he eats crackers and watches videos about the modern world.

14. Guts from Berserk

Credit: OLM, Inc.

It’s time to talk about everyone’s favorite lone mercenary, Guts. Guts have the saddest story amongst all the characters in this list. He’s constantly in an emotional struggle, struggling to keep working hard for the ones he loves.

Guts is one of the strongest anime characters who has won multiple battles on his own. Even after losing an eye and his arm, he remains strong. Fans often miss out on how well-built his body is. Although his muscle mass is not as much as the other characters on this list, it’s still pretty tough.

15. Menthuthuyoupi from Hunter x Hunter

Credit: Nippon Animation

Menthuthuyoupi is the youngest of all three King’s Royal Guards. Although his face and body structure are humanoid, he is the least human character amongst the three because of his wings and arms. However, he possesses great strength and can punch a lot of people at the same time. Quite literally, he can have multiple arms and biceps which makes gives him more muscle mass.

His ability to adapt to different forms made him a very useful guard. He can get wings, extra eyes, arms, etc. Which naturally means he can turn into a small guard or a huge bulky one.

16. Toriko from Toriko

Credit: Toei Animation

The moment you see the anime poster, you see a blue-haired, tall man showing off his huge muscles. That is because Toriko is very, very muscular and that makes him the highlight of the anime. Also, of course, he’s the anime’s main character. Toriko is 6.5 feet tall and he weighs more than 500 lb.

He is named “The Glutton” because of having a huge appetite. He loves food so much that he says he wouldn’t leave the food that is in front of him even if it kills him. The best part is all that food he eats gets put on in the right place.

17. Yami Sukehiro from Black Clover

Credit: Pierrot

You know how you look at someone muscular and assume he’s going to be one scary man? That’s Yami. Yami looks scary and is scary as well. Yami is tall, has a muscular build, and has a lot of raw strength. He is the Black Bull’s captain which means he is rowdy and angry. He goes around breaking walls every time he gets a little annoyed.

He also threatens to smash Asta’s head all because well, Asta’s head is way smaller than his hand. He can easily do it, like smashing an ant. Unlike many other characters, Yami wields a sword which means his great muscle mass which gives him the strength to slash his opponents’ multiple times with a sword.

18. Bisky from Hunter X Hunter

Credit: Nippon Animation

This is the first female muscular anime character to be on this list. Bisky is a 50-year-old strong and muscular woman who uses her Nen abilities to make herself look like a young girl. However, her true form is totally opposite of her Nen form. Although she is normally seen in her young girl form when Bisky is battling she turns into her original form. She then looks very tall and has humongous biceps and triceps.

Bisky is more muscular than many other male anime characters. Her young girl form easily deceives her opponent to take her as a weak character. But when this bulky woman is unleashed, the opponent can almost have their eyes popped out from surprise.

19. Bulat from Akame ga Kill

Credit: Trigger

Bulat seems like a guy with an average build when he is wearing his armor. One could look at him and probably think they can achieve such a body too. He doesn’t show off his muscles but when he took off his shirt, one could tell that being this muscular is no easy task.

Bulat doesn’t only have an amazing body but also a beautiful heart. He inspires others around him to do better and is very good in combat as well. Also, he gave us the “bromance” in Akame ga Kill which we were not expecting.

20. Sakura Ogami from Danganronpa

Credit: Lerche

Nope, this isn’t a long-haired male anime character. As her name suggests, Sakura is a “schoolgirl”. Eyes can be deceiving at times. Sakura looks masculine because of how tall and insanely muscular she is, and she is only 19 years old. Sakura’s motive is to prove that women can also be the strongest and seeing her bulky, strong body it can be confirmed that she means what she says.

Sakura is so physically strong that she defeated her father at the age of 14. Sakura is currently 6 feet 4 inches and weighs 218lbs. She is the biggest person in her class. She wears a school uniform with the sleeves torn off to create enough space for her biceps.

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