Nanbaka Season 3: Release date, news and rumors

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Are you still trying to survive another day without Nanbaka Season 3? Would there be another season?

Don’t worry, and you’re not alone on this. The production is running a long-run hiatus, and it’s already been four years since the last season was released. Fans all over are still in high hopes of getting new updates.

We got fresh data on the possibility of Nanbaka Season 3 getting a new franchise renewal for the third time.

For those that are new, Nanbaka is a comedy anime. It’s set in the most formidable prison, Nanba. Nanba prison holds criminals that are either skilled, talented, or possess unique powers capable of breaking out from a regular prison. The plot centers on the daily funny lives of four mischievous young men named Jyugo, Uno, Rock, and Nico.

Known as Nanbaka – the numbers is a Japanese manga series is created and illustrated by Shō Futamata. Satelight. is the studio behind the anime adaptation of the manga. The first season aired in October of 2016, followed by the second premiered in January 2017, an OVA special aired in April of the same year.

As of July 2020, the latest news of Comico launches the ‘Pocket Comics’ app in English with 41, Manga, Manhwa. The anime streamed on Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime Video, Anime Hōdai, Bandai channel, Hulu, and an Italian version uploaded on Youtube.

The manga was updated only up to eight Volumes, serialized on the NHN Comico webtoon app in Japan from 2013. With the lack of source material, most fans are worried that it might not reach the chance of having another season.

What has happened so far in Nanbaka

Credit: Satelight

Our inmates’ turbulent and comedic episodes continue to the last episodes of the most formidable prison, Nanba. We were left off with Jyugo and the others desperately trying to run and survive at Building 5.

It was shown in the first few episodes of Season 2 that the inmates: Jyugo, Uno, Nico, and Nanba, correctional officer, Hajime were caught in a trap in an underground cell in Building 5 when they visited to investigate the sudden non-communication and disappearance of the guards as well as Rock and Yamato’s violent manipulated behavior prior.

The Inmates meet with Upa, Liang, Honey, and Trois, finds out that the guards and inmates are being held captive by escaped convicts and traitor guards; Hachiman, Enki, Rokuriki, Ruka, Houdzuki Sanzo, Qi, Inori, together with the deadly surveillance dolls.

Jyugo and the others escape; along the way, they have to fight and survive then find Hajime. During their search, Jyugo finds his profile in the archives; he becomes distracted during their run but later snaps out of his inner conflict and assists Honey and Uno to defeat Gojou, thereby revealing his bladed arms.

In the very last episode, Enki detects that the prisoners have escaped. At the same time, Honey and Trois free Kiji Mitsuba. Once released, he gives direct orders to Daisen Youriki and Daisen Kokoriki, then restrains Ruka.

Later, Jyugo finds Hajime and Samon Gokuu, and he frees them from the cells. Kiji puts handcuffs on the inmates; however, while walking on the way, they face a hoard of Jiangshi-type surveillance dolls, the same situation with Jyuho and Hajime in a different location in Building 5.

Compared to the manga, the anime takes out most of the insights of other characters, and it has plenty of shorts in terms of character interactions.

What is going on with Satelight?

Credit: Satelight

Satelight, the Japanese animation studio responsible for the Nanbaka project, is preoccupied with Sakugan and Somali and the Forest Spirit. There have been no announcements or hints as of the Nanbaka Season 3. When Satellite tweeted to watch and support the anime, fans saw a brim of hope that it would be renewed. However, time passed since the last season was released, but the studio kept silent about the anime.

Nevertheless, let’s hope for the best that it gets a green light soon.

What do we know about Nanbaka Season 3 so far?

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Nanbaka adapted the first six volumes of the manga for Seasons 1 and 2. The writer has published eight volumes, and the illustrator or creator has not issued more books, which leaves the last two volumes to be adapted for the third season.

Suppose they adapt the last two volumes, 7 and 8; the third season focuses on Jyugo, his inner conflict of searching for something missing. They’ll expound more about Tsukumo’s past and with Elf, the antagonist, connected with the man of scar and the one behind the irremovable shackles of Jyugo.

Thus far, there are no teasers released, and fans are writing comments about rumors that the season won’t release due to a statement made by the studio and that the author is looking for another studio to help get the third season in production.

What fans are saying about Nanbaka Season 3?

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A year ago, fans in Reddit posted questions if Nanbaka Season 3 would still be in the works; it was answered with rumors and speculations that the creator, Sho Futamata. It could not find another studio to fund the making of the anime and the initial studio commented that ‘Her characters weren’t flashy enough.’

We think this might be the case for the long years hiatus, but fans on Twitter, like @wolfieskiesart, tweeted:

 ‘Finished watching the last episode of #Nanbaka yesterday. I’m so bummed that season 3 seems unlikely after a few years of no episodes. Nanbaka’s so good Q^Q. Hopefully, more episodes will come soon, it’d be a shame for it to end after only two seasons, during an arc of all times—’

There are several fan art being made and each day. They are expecting the third season. So, wouldn’t this give a good popularity boost for the anime to push on to the next production?

Let’s see the results!

Will there be Nanbaka Season 3?

Credit: Satelight

As there have been no official announcements for the new Season and Satellite studio posting about the help to boost the popularity for Season 3, wouldn’t we like to update if it has reached the point of Nanbaka to be renewed?

Let’s first look at how many volumes are produced and if there is enough material to pursue. As I mentioned earlier, there are only the last two volumes to adapt. This is a massive factor of consideration since this is not enough source material for another season.

Now for your questions about the popularity… Here’s the result in our Google trends searches; we have quite an active search referenced from the last twelve months, September 2020 to September 2021. This result is excellent news since the interest of people greatly influences production over time.

According to MyAnimelist, Nanbaka Season 2 scored 7.50 for 15 399 (total of 52 314 users), and the first season at 7.34 (total of 111, 267 users), data are collected up to date of September 2021, thus such a favorable reception by the fans!

The sales information of Nanbaka is scarce, but according to this tweet, this is one of the estimated initial Blu-ray or DVD sales from fall 2016; as seen, Nanbaka sales garnered 343. Meanwhile, data from and Anime news network shows a total sales of 1,254 Anime DVDs last 2017 December.

As we can observe, the anime needs a lot of support for their financing, notwithstanding the audience’s interest standing. Therefore, we have two huge factors that are answering our questions here, and that is:

  1. Lack of source material for the third season.
  2. Low sales distribution as according to the Anime and DVD reports stated above.

When will Nanbaka Season 3 be released?

Credit: Satelight

It’s been four years since the last release of the Season 2 Nanbaka Anime, and until today we do not get any information as to when they will continue the series.

Including the last update from Shō Futamata’s final manga volume, which was July 2018 and has not launched any more volumes, we expect it will take more time to obtain a new season.

What Can We Expect With Nanbaka Season 3?

Credit: Satelight

We know that Nanbaka Season 3 has scarce materials due to only two volumes are released for adaptation. We can expect to see more about Jyugo’s inner struggles and his slow development to overcome them for the third renewal. We’ll now get to know more about Elf, the one who’s responsible for his irremovable shackles and his connection with the man with the scar.

This is all we know.

Didn’t feel like the series had enough material? So do we, but we do believe we should not be discouraged!  Why? The studio or the author never announced the cancellation of the series. There’s likely a possibility that the new manga will be released with constant fan demand, and more chances to get a new season go up!

Comment here if you want a new season and let them know we want a new season soon!