Negima OVA filler list for September 2022

Credit: Xebec

Negima OVA is an anime series that aired in 2008. There is 9 episodes released and there was no reported filler in this volume!

Brushing up on his English skills, Negi Springfield becomes the new teacher for Mahora Academy Class 2A. He quickly makes friends with almost all of his students including Asuna Kagurazaka and Konoka Konoe who have always had an affectionate relationship despite being apart by grades or any other means possible at this school – they’re in their 3rd year as roommates too! But there’s one person he can’t quite figure out: Eva A.K McDowell; a vampire aristocrat who serves under Nagi (Negima) Sherwood which is not surprising since she was once close companions before going against him during some war years ago…to help save Earth from destruction no less?!