Nisekoi Season 3: Release date, news and rumors

Credit: Shaft

It’s been five years since the last season of Nisekoi or Fake Love Anime last aired, and everything’s been pretty quiet.

Well, except for the live-action that aired in 2018, but the anime was left unfinished, and it just feels unacceptable that it might end that way. After all, dedicated anime fans still would like to see what happens with Raku’s love-slash-harem life moving in full color. Currently, questions for Nisekoi Season 3 production are a huge question for all fans.

Are we getting a new season?

Was it lacking resource material?

Was it too unpopular for a new season?

There were so many unanswered speculations, so we’re here to give you the latest update if we’re getting those new season episodes.

If by chance, you’ve just landed and are curious what anime Nisekoi is, I’ll give you a short briefing. Nisekoi in translation Fake Love is a Japanese Romcom manga and anime series created by Naoshi Komi. The Anime ran a 20- episode adaptation, and with a total of four OVAs, the first season aired in the year 2014, followed by the second season in 2015 and the OVA in 2016. The live-action as mentioned aired in the year 2018, which received critics but this gave hope for a new season.

Studio Shaft is the main animation production studio responsible for releasing the anime. Much to the audience cries for another season, they haven’t given any word or hints for Season 3. Much to the dismay of many, fans have tried to run petitions or flood the studio with comments begging for a ray of hope that they’ll finish the story in the anime. But lately, this September 2021, Shaft posted a strong possibility, so we’re putting this notice in writing and give you all the details!

The question here is: Would this be one of those unfinished anime again? And what did Shaft studio say?

Let’s find out.

What happened so far in Nisekoi

Credit: Shaft

We got hooked on Raku’s harem life and made fans look forward to the last season of Nisekoi. To be blunt, however, this somehow disappointed us since Season 2 looked more like a collection of Filler episodes with little or no connection to the main story.

However, Season 2 introduced new characters that spice up the story, like the appearance of Paula McCoy, a  former colleague of Seishiro, who challenges her to a match in stealing a kiss from Raku.

Chitoge’s workaholic mother, Hana, shows up and appoints Raku as replacement secretary to test his worth as her daughter’s boyfriend. We also got to know more about Onodera’s sister, Haru. Raku saves her during an encounter with a group of thugs but cannot recognize Raku as his savior, and she listens to rumors that he is a playboy gangster.

We then saw the past about Kyoko Nichihara, their homeroom teacher, and Shū Maiko, Raku’s best friend. The story is about their closeness to each other and Shū’s devastation over the sudden announcement of Kyoko’s marriage and resignation. With Raku’s advice, Shū musters up the courage to confess to her.

Season 2 details the developing feelings of the Main characters: Raku, Chitoge, Kosaki Marika, Seishirou, and the supporting characters. Meanwhile, the OVA Special adds the magical shoujo episode as the girls transform into magical girl outfits and battle out with the villain Doctor Maiko.

Season 2 ended up in fun-filled 12 episodes, but this made it more confusing for viewers who Raku will end up with. That’s why fans still feel that the story isn’t finished yet, and we would like to know what will happen next, right?

What is going on with Shaft?

Credit: Shaft

Recently, Shaft studio has posted an update looking for new art staff. Does this mean they would start on the production of Nisekoi Season 3? Well, there’s still no word on that yet. They update on their current works, like Magical Girl Madoka Magica Gaiden 2nd Season -Eve of Awakening and Pretty Boy Detectives.

This’ hiring’ news might be the perfect clue that more chances for a new season if they get more staff! Right?

What do we know about Nisekoi Season 3 so far?

Credit: Shaft

Since the last release of the Nisekoi: False Love Japanese Live-action ( December 2018), there have only been speculations that the anime will renew for Season 3. Still, nothing has been proven correct, and received criticism about getting one.

What are fans saying about Nisekoi Season 3?

Credit: Shaft

Even though the last live-action movie received critics, the fans are still in high hopes for another season, especially when Shaft has just posted their tweet of looking for new staff. The comments are flooded with wishes for Nisekoi’s Season 3 renewal.

According to this Reddit thread, a fan has asked if there will be a season 3, it was answered with a ‘No,’ and the fans are in deep pain.

Every day, a Twitter user would post a tweet until they release the third season of Nisekoi. Let’s salute this person for being so patient and hopeful!

Don’t worry, we feel you, and we want another one too!

Will there be Nisekoi Season 3?

Credit: Shaft

Here’s good news, the anime is not canceled!

Yes, we may have been filled with so much miasma of negativities that renewal may not be possible, but there has never been an announcement of cancellation at all! So, our answer would still be MAYBE.

They did say there’s a lot of factors involving anime. That is true. So let’s see if this will get a green light by starting an analysis.

The Source Material acquires GREEN LIGHT: The Nisekoi Manga, created by Naoshi Komi, has 25 tankobon volumes and 229 chapters published in Jump Comics by Shueisha. Season 2 ended up with Volume 12, Chapter 107. There are 13 more Volumes to adapt, which is more than enough material for the next adaptation ( Season 1 and Season 2  adapted 6 Volumes each in the manga ).

The Popularity Rankings acquires YELLOW: The recent Google Trends results show that the highest peak of search volume is January 2016, and these past 24 months, we get half of the term or less on its score. Well, it’s not that bad, though, but this needs a bit more push to reach the green light.

The Sales Reports acquires GREEN LIGHT: For 2013, the manga series sold 1,542 417 copies, then in 2014, it sold for 3 816 372 copies, and lastly, for 2018 – around 12 million copies. DVD chart sales as of 2019 show the live-action sold for 3,675 copies. There are also merchandise sales on their website, but figure information is not posted. Knowing the numbers, plus we know the production is handled by Shaft, the anime’s funding is never an issue.

So, if popularity is the only factor that needs a Greenlight, then only a bit more push would make the new season possible to be laid out in production?

Yes, it is. Even though the story in the manga is finished, anime fans need their closure, too, you know?

When will Nisekoi Season 3 be released?

Credit: Shaft

We’re not sure of this yet since there’s no word or update about the season’s production yet. However, we will let you know when the studio announces any updates, so keep us on tabs for that!

According to our findings, the only thing that keeps Season 3 production on a long wait is fans’ response to make another season. That’s it. Even though some people think that the story is pointless, many still believe in finishing it once you start on something.

What can we expect in Season 3 of Nisekoi?

Credit: Shaft

Since we all know that we should start with Volume 13th, Chapter 108 for the following adaptation, we can follow the story from here but consider that the anime might adapt these in a different sequence. So, for the following post here, I’ll be giving some spoilers on what will be featured for Season 3 of Nisekoi. Before you go, don’t forget to follow this post for new updates when it’s announced!

We shall begin on where the story left off in the Matsuri, our characters attended the “festival” – (Volume 12, Chapter 107) episode. Haru overhears Ruri and Maiko’s conversation of “Fake Love” between Chitoge and Raku. She would probe Raku if he were the Prince she was looking for and thinks that falling in love with him isn’t too bad at all.

We’ll also have more character episodes with Migisuke Aiba, Honda-san – they serve under Marika Tachibana. Yoshizou Miyamoto, Ruri’s great grandfather, meets Raku introducing him as a boyfriend. Yui Kanakura enters as Raku’s childhood friend (from a Chinese mafia family ), the class’s new homeroom teacher and holder of yet again, a key.

Other supporting characters appear, such as Ninjirou Fukuda, the sub homeroom teacher of Class 2-C who comes in shortly for career counseling. Mimiko Kiki from the Journalism club interviews the “fake couple” as a response to gossip.

For now, that’s it for the snippet of the next season; I don’t want to spoil too much, there are so many wonderful stories to look forward to, but if you’re REALLY curious, you can continue reading the manga and see for yourself which of them wins Raku’s heart.