Overlord Season 4: Release date, news and rumors

Credit: Madhouse

Let’s cut the chase, YES there’s an official announcement for the Overlord Season 4 and it’s currently in production, but when? As excited as all fans are, we still like to know until when we can hold out for the new series, right?

Overlord tells the story about a future popular MMORPG game that trapped its players during the time of shut down. The Japanese Light Novel is written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by So-Bin. Meanwhile, the anime television series adaptation is currently in production by Madhouse.

Since the last official announcement for the release of Season 4, the studio has been quiet about the date for release… but, fans are getting impatient, they want to know a release date!

So here are the details of Everything we know so far about Overlord Season 4 release date, announcements…

What happened so far in Overlord

Credit: Madhouse

Don’t remember where the series left off?

Here’s a quick refresh, Ainz and the loyal servants are pretty busy with their world domination goals.

King Ramposa III of Re-Estize Kingdom refuses the recognition of Nazarick that’s led by Ains to become an ally and as an independent nation. Driven by the noble’s opinion that the Baharuth Empire could have run out of reasons for the invasion and believing that the land belongs to the Empire, he decides to put up a fight to earn the trust of the people.

The battlefield is set on Katze Plains, Baharuth Empire sends a declaration of war to the Re- Estize Kingdom and forms an alliance with Ainz. Each Kingdom prepares for battle, the first prince, Barbro, attacks Carne Village. Ainz watches in shock and screams as he witnesses Enri use the Goblin Horn he gave to her and summons an incredibly strong Goblin Army. The battle ends with the redcap Goblins slaughters the remnant of Prince Barbro’s army and LupusRegina tortures & kills him last.

The last two episodes air the war at Katze Plains, episode 12 gets the title ‘Massacre’ as it depicts the events that happened during the war. When Ains casts the spell,  lä Shub-Niggurath, the effect proceeds to the Royal Army’s charging forces and sweeps 70,000 troops in an instant.

As the Baharuth Empire stands to watch in terror, Ainz laughs and tells them that the former spell is only just an offering to the mother goddess of the black harvest in summoning the Dark Young. Morphed from the bodies of the dead troops, the five-legged black goats massacres the Royal Army.

Just then, Gazef steps in and challenges Ains to a duel. Ainz offers Gazef a chance to serve him to keep the conflict going on. As Gazef feels indebted to the King, the two agree with the conditions to fight PVP. Ainz stops time at the start of the battle, uses his spells, and immediately ends Gazef’s life permanently.

As the Kingdoms and Kings shake in terror and fear. Ainz has taken over E-rantel. They march inside the city and Momon comes to rescue when a boy throws a stone at Ains. Making a pretend skit of an agreement to alleviate the fear, reducing the risk of infiltration and espionage. The season ends with the gathering of the floor guardians and the Pleiades in the makeshift room of E-rantel.

Difference between the anime and manga? The anime season and the manga are adaptations and don’t get into much detail, unlike the Light Novels.

What is going on with Madhouse?

Credit: Madhouse

Madhouse Inc. The studio behind the production of ‘Overlord’ has announced that an Overlord Season 4 is currently in the making of Overlord Season 4 in a live stream last May 2021. So far, no word nor hints on the progress of the anime.

Madhouse has released new visuals for ‘Takt. Op Destiny’, Sonny Boy. The Vampire Dies in no Time together with their respective TV air dates this 2020. Meanwhile, the releases for 2022 are Police in a pod and Goodbye, DonGlees anime, and has not given any further updates about the release date for  Overlord yet.

What do we know about Overlord Season 4 so far?

Credit: Madhouse

Overlord has been renewed and the new visual for the Overlord Season 4 was released last May 2021, they assured fans it’s currently in production but there have been no updates about it so far.

In addition to the Season 4 series, there will be a Movie coming out and fans are screaming in excitement for when this will come out. The movie will cover the Sei Ōkoku-hen ( Holy Kingdom arc)

As excited as everyone is here is the list of staff we know would make a comeback for the project:

The returning staff for the TV Series is:

  • Director: Naoyuki Itou
  • Original Character design: So-bin
  • Character design: Satoshi Tasaki
  • Series Script Supervisor: Yukie Sugawara
  • Animation Production: Madhouse
  • The returning casts
  • Ains Ooal Gown voiced by Satoshi Hino
  • Albedo voiced by Yumi Hara
  • Shalltear voiced by Sumire Uesaka
  • Aura voiced by Emiri Kato
  • Mare voiced by Yumi Uchiyama
  • Demiurge voiced by Masayuki Katou
  • Cocytus voiced by Kenta Miyake

Overlord Season 4 will most likely adapt volumes 10, 11, and 12 and expected for the movie to adapt volume 13th.

The original illustration by Maruyama Kugane is posted on their site for the 4th season TV Series.

What are fans saying about Overlord Season 4?

Credit: Madhouse

The anticipation for the season made the fans’ imagination set sail, one of them made a meme of the mentally affected  Baharuth Empire’s king as an anxious rider of a bus captioned “I want off this ride”  and Ains as the driver. The sign says “Next stop, the future you choose”, which seems funny at first look but can’t deny how terrifying it would be to be in his place.

If words can scream louder, this Twitter user would have done it! We are on the same page!

Meanwhile, this user is probably starting to get impatient with any news of the release date. Stay calm and don’t lose your cool, we’re getting it.

Will there be an Overlord Season 4?

Credit: Madhouse

The answer is Y-E-S. It is officially announced that the anime has been renewed and will release the next season but the official date for release isn’t mentioned yet.

The source material is more than enough to adapt, currently, the updates are in Volume 15 wherein the last two volumes are still awaiting an announcement for release.

Technically, there are more than enough resources for the adaptation and popularity ratings from Google Trends went up the roof around May, the exact time of the announcement since the rhythm kept around 50 for the interest ( which means the value is half popular ).

The Light Novel and Manga sales numbers are also getting out of hand, just look at these incrementing figures!

  • June 2015 with  8 Volumes  with 600,000 copies in print for LN
  • August 2015 with 1 million for LN and manga
  • August 4, 2015 with 600,000 reprint copies for LN
  • August 20 with 1.5 Million copies –  9 Volumes for LN, 2 Volume Manga
  • September 2015 with 2 Million copies  for LN and Manga
  • May 2016 with 2.5 Million copies in LN print
  • April 2018 with 7 million copies for LN and Manga

So, based on these figures and results everything does check out. It’s no doubt they will have another season arriving soon but the only question is when? If we reference the past releases, the longest wait was season 2, it took 6 months for them to release (other anime series release for 9 months) right after the announcement. So, that means it might be around November 2021 or around January 2022, or February 2022.

When will Overlord Season 4 be released?

Credit: Madhouse

There’s currently no update on that yet, but we’ll let you know should this change. As a reminder, continue following us so you can stay on par with Anime updates!

What can we expect in Season 4 of Overlord?

Credit: Madhouse

The anime adapts Volumes 1-9, so they’ll cover Volume 10, Volume 11, Volume 12 from where the story left off. Each of the anime seasons covers 3 volumes so the 13th is going to be the movie. From here on, I will tell a small summary about the 3 volumes, if you’re not in it for spoilers, don’t forget to follow in so we can update for when the Overlord Season 2 anime comes out.

The tenth volume will have the title “Ruler of Conspiracy”, this story focuses on other countries that are intimidated and would want to oppose Ainz & the newly ruled nation. The story details how Ains will make the kingdom a utopia for all races, he also establishes an adventurer’s guild to help nurture the adventurers. Due to the sudden rising power of Ains’ kingdom, many rulers were surprised and thought of ways to counteract this.

Next, The Eleventh Volume has the title of “The craftsman of Dwarf”. This story details Ains journey to the Dwarf Kingdom, he is accompanied by Shalltear Bloodfallen and Aura Bella Fiora for the search of the Lost Rune magic.

On his arrival to the Dwarf kingdom, he discovers that there is a threat to be invaded by Quagoa – a demi-human race. With the threat going on, the dwarf runesmiths promise of a future venture with Ains if they would help them with retaking the capital. Soon, Ains will discover a more powerful race from Azerlisia Mountains, the Frost Dragons.

 Lastly, the twelfth volume “The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom” details the Roble Holy Kingdom asking for aid from Ainz Ooal Gown for the fight against the unified demi-humans led by the Demon Emperor, Jaldabaoth (which is Demiurge in his false identity to battle Ains).

For the movie, the thirteenth volume “The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom” continues the battle of the Demon Emperor, where Ainz dies and the Holy Kingdom Liberation Army struggles to fight against the united army of the Demi-humans.

Final remarks:

The brand new season will be filled with new exciting adventures and we’ll meet new characters from the other kingdoms! There is already an official announcement and movie coming soon, but the announcement date is still uncertain.

So, we’ll be sure to announce once the release date comes out, keep updated by following us!