Prison School Season 2: Release Date, News And Rumors

If one particular anime seems to be crossing the line and entering the hentai genre but always backs out at the very last minute, it is Prison School. Adapted into an anime from the manga Prison School by Akira Hiramoto and produced by J.C.Staff. The first episode aired in Japan on Tokyo MX from July 10 till September 2015. Funimation licensed its subtitle version in North America and, side by side, also got the dubbed version which premiered on August 12, 2015. The manga consists of 28 volumes, and the season will be released in 6 DVD and Blu-ray, 2 episode volumes by Warner Bros. That said will there be a Prison School Season 2 though?

What happened so far in Prison School

Prison School is an anime that revolves around Hashimitsu Academy, one of the most well-known and strictest girl’s schools in Tokyo. Just recently, they decided to enroll boys into their academy. Kiyoshi Fujino is one of the boys that got enrolled in the school along with four of his friends Takehito ‘‘Gakuto’’, Shingo Wakamoto, Jouji ‘‘Joe’’ and Reiji ‘Andre’, who are the 5 boys in a school of 1000 girls. The school has a strict policy for disobeying rules and regulations, with even the most minor infringement resulting in capital punishment in the school’s prison, situated in the far corner of the schoolyard. The boys try their best to stay low and not cause any problems that could result in them being punished, and very soon, the five boys become close friends. Later in the anime, Kiyoshi does fall in love with one of the girls, Chiyo Kurihara, who is the daughter of Mr. Furihara and the younger sister of the student council president Mari Kurihara. The boys make up a plan to peek into the girls bathing area with the binding agreement of ‘All for one, one for all, and they attempt to peek into the girls bathing area but end up getting caught and thus being sentenced into the school’s prison.

In prison, the boys are given cruel punishments by their rather attractive but cold-hearted supervisors. Mari Kurihara (president), daughter of the school principal and who despises the boys when they enter the school and uses her cunning ways to get them expelled. Meiko Shiraki and Hana Midorikawa (secretary). The 3 supervisors inflict the worst tortures ever imagined by the boys in their life, Meiko taking the reins in the cruelty enjoys every second of it. At the same time, Mari devises a whole plan of making the boys disobey even more to get them finally expelled. Her plans include the boys attacking one of the supervisors, attempting to escape, and not coming back on time to their cells, and thus starts her elaborate planning for making the boys fall into her trap and having proof of committing more crimes. Hana, an abled martial artist and the secretary of the student council, picks Kiyoshi as her favorite ward to torment. Still, slowly she even grows to feel for him and asks him to do some very erotic acts such as peeing in a cup and taking his first kiss, which exceeds her expectations.

In the last episode, all the boys make a plan to get the evidence from the student council computer of their heinous plans to, on purpose, instigate the boys to break the rules and show it to the principal. The plan starts with Kiyoshi being taken away by Hana, which is a regular habit of hers as she forces him to do erotic acts for her entertainment; this time, Kiyoshi was made to pee in a cup, and when he could not due to various reasons, Hana beats him up and takes his first kiss which exceeds her expectations when Kiyoshi for the sake of the plan working out kisses her back and causes her to go into a state of shock. In contrast, Hana is shocked; Kiyoshi unlocks the prison door to let Chiyo Kurihara inside (as she helps the boys). Hana, still in a state of shock, does not notice anything, and during that moment, Gakuto and Chiyo change clothes, allowing Gakuto to sneak into the student council and take the data into a USB. Early the next morning, the boys are brought in front of the principal by the student council to be expelled, but at the last moment, Gakuto saves the boys by giving the USB to the principal, and thus, the boys are not expelled and set free. However, the student council are penalized and are thereby sent into the prison school. Their supervisors are Kate Takenomiya, Risa Bett,o and Mitsuko Yokoyama, who are the above-ground student council.

What is going on with j.C.staff?

Credit: J.C.Staff

J.C.Staff worked on the ecchi, harem anime Prison school; after its completion, they worked on many other projects, most notably such as One Punch Man season 2 (2019), Shokugeki No Souma, Shimoneta, Date a Live 3, Taboo Tattoo, and their latest ones are Gokushufudou (2021) and The Duke Of Death And His Maid (2021).

What do we know about Prison School Season 2 so far?

There has not been any development by J.C.Staff for season 2 nor any announcement for its production. However, the series writer Tsutomu Mizushima took to Twitter to answer the big question everyone is asking, “when is Season 2 coming?” He responded, “I don’t know about Season 2. I want to do it, but…”

Therefore, the series has not been canceled, but it also has not gotten a renewal yet.

What are fans saying about Prison School Season 2?

Reddit is flooded by Otaku weebs and fans asking just one question, “when is Season 2 coming?” many have even quoted to have said the ending was not as good as they wanted, and the producers left the anime on a cliffhanger.

Fans have loved the manga since it completed the whole series but wish the producer would finally start on a Season 2. Sadly, we cannot see Season 2 being released anytime soon.

Will there be Prison School Season 2?

Credit: J.C.Staff

Realistically speaking, there is enough material in the manga for a Season 2 of the anime. The writer released 278 chapters compiled into 28 volumes, the franchise used the first 9 volumes to make season 1, and thus we have enough material for a season 2. Google Trends has shown a fluctuation for the search of Prison school Season 2, with searches reaching as high as 100 to 68 worldwide.

The official Prison school Twitter account has over 27+ thousand followers, it might be less than other animes, but it’s more than enough to start a prequel. The series sold 37 million copies and was awarded the best Manga award at the 37th Kodansha Manga Awards.

When will Prison School Season 2 be released? 

Credit: J.C.Staff

There has been no official announcement from the producers or writer about a prequel or season 2 being released any time soon. As previously mentioned, the writer of the manga Tsutomu Mizushima, took to Twitter to answer the big question. Plainly put, there is a possibility without any certainty hereof.

Despite the possibility of Season 2 being low, it was not a complete no as of yet.

What can we expect in Season 2 of Prison School?

Credit: J.C.Staff

Season 2 gets a little twist in its story as the supervisors are sent to prison to live out their sentence for torturing the boys and instigating ways to expel them from the school. The new supervisors are Kate, Risa, and Mitsuko; Kate being Mari’s rival in middle school, took great pleasure to punish them all. However, the boys saw the harsh treatment of their supervisors, had decided to help them escape or make a plan to free them.

The manga goes into more detail over Season 2, but they have enough sources and material if the producers want to make a Season 2.