Quintuplets Season 3: Release date, news and rumors

Credit: Tezuka Productions / Bibury Animation Studios

The Quintessential Quintuplets consists of two seasons and a completed manga series written and illustrated by Negi Haruba. The anime is known as 5-Tobun no Hanayome and is a harem anime. The manga series stopped serialization in 2020 and consisted of over 122 chapters compiled in 14 volumes. Season 1 was released on August 8, 2018 and was animated by Bibury Animation Studio. The first season consisted of 32 chapters, and Season 2 continued till chapter 86. The anime is set for a movie in 2022 which will serve as a sequel to the second season of the anime series and most probably after that we will be getting Season 3.

What Happened Thus Far in the Quintessential Quintuplets

Credit: Tezuka Productions / Bibury Animation Studios

If there is one harem anime that can perfectly pull off Season 2 and get better reviews than Season 1, it is The Quintessential Quintuplets. A quick check of Season 1 would shed some light on this cute, romantic anime that has everyone begging for a Season 3. The anime opens up with Futaro Uesugi, who wakes up from a dethatch; he is on his wedding day and about to meet his bride, whose face and identity are unknown. The next day he goes to school and meets Itsuki Nakano who over his perfect test scores asks him to tutor her, to which he reacts very rudely and leaves. His little sister Raiha later informs him, his father took up a part time job for him to which he discovers that he will be teaching the quintuplet sisters; Ichika, Yotsuba, Miku, Nino and Itsuki. And just like that season one gives us glimpses of Futaro improving the girls grades at school and side by side making them fall in love with his graceful form of teaching.

While Season 1 laid down the foundation for this pentagon form of love that all point towards Futaro, Season 2 takes it a step further by adding the emotional spices where one by one, the girls get their heartbroken as they go head to head amongst each other to get Futaro.

Season 1 mainly shows us two sisters falling in love but keeping their feelings silent so as not to disturb the peace, but when Season 2 starts, the second sister Nino falls head over heels for him. In return, the three sisters get into fiery battles with each other. Futaro gets to distinguish between the five sisters as well, even when they wear the same matching clothes to confuse him, which shows his development as a teacher and friend who can love them each individually but his dark past still haunts him as he buries his secret past experience with one them years ago.

What is going on with Studio Bibury Animations?

Credit: Tezuka Productions / Bibury Animation Studios

Studio Bibury Animation was founded on May 1, 2017. Its initial run in its first two years was where the company worked as a sub-contracting studio, providing second key animation services. However, in 2019, they produced Grisaia: Phantom Trigger the Animation which was their first real, big production and in the same year they also had their television series, Azur Lane: The Animation; which is based on a video game developed by Shanghai Manjuu and XiamenYongshi.

The release of the second season of The Quintessential Quintuplets in January 2021 was what really made this studio shoot to the skies as the anime series was much appreciated and recognized globally. Currently the studio is working on an anime called Maho Shojo Magical Destroyers of which they have not announced the release dates yet.

What do we know about Quintessential Quintuplets Season 3 so far?

Credit: Tezuka Productions / Bibury Animation Studios

Season 2 of Quintessential Quintuplets ended on March 2021 and after that the official twitter account of studio TBS Animation announced that a movie will be released in 2022. On their twitter account they said: “thanks to all of your support, the sequel will be a movie. It will release in 2022, so we hope you’ll look forward to it.’’

Furthermore, they posted a movie poster giving us wedding bells and vibes that hopefully we will finally get to know who Futaro’s past friend was, with whom he had an unknown experience that he does not want to recall. The movie will mostly cover up a few points and continue where it had left off a few details in Season 2 but rest assured, we can expect many new episodes in Season 3 as there is still plenty of material in the manga.

What are fans saying about Quintessential Quintuplets Season 3?

Credit: Tezuka Productions / Bibury Animation Studios

Fans have taken to Quora, Reddit and every other anime group discussion, fighting over who the best girl in the anime series is and how Yotsuba even fits into the picture of their made up scenarios in which they decide and gossip over who Futaro will marry in the series.

Fans see Yotsuba as a side character who has very little to say or even has a general impact in the whole plot, yet it seems that the anime is aiming to keep Yotsuba as a potential main character in the next season or movie. Without spoilers being added to this, we can be sure to tell you that Yotsuba is not your pretty, delicate and perfect little girl, there is more to the story that meets the eye. In a nutshell, fans have expressed love and appreciation for the anime series and all of them have their fingers crossed for Season 3 which they hope the studio will finally wrap up everything and give them a happy ending.

Will there be Quintessential Quintuplets Season 3? 

Credit: Tezuka Productions / Bibury Animation Studios

Yes, we can hope to see Season 3 somewhere after the movie that will be released in 2022 by the studio. The manga has over 122 chapters, complied in 14 volumes. The first season consisted of 32 chapters of the manga and Season 2 continued it till chapter 86. The anime is set for a movie in 2022 which will serve as a sequel to the second season of the anime series and most probably after that we will be getting Season 3. Regarding the popularity charts, season 1 of the anime holds a rating of 7.66/10 on MyAnimelist, while Season 2 got an 8.16/10 rating. Google trends shows us a positive curve of the anime search worldwide, with more searches during the 2021 tenure after the release of Season 2 which raked up the fans all over the world! Based on these facts, we can expect Season 3 presumably by 2023 or at least some time after the movie.

When will Quintessential Quintuplets Season 3 be released?

Credit: Tezuka Productions / Bibury Animation Studios

The release date for Season 3 is still unknown, but according to rumors and online groups who have made assumptions that Season 3 will most probably be released in 2023, after the release of the movie in 2022. The franchise is currently enjoying a wave of popularity that it hasn’t had before, so you can expect Season 3 to be under the pen of production very soon!

What can we expect in Season 3 of Quintessential Quintuplets?

Credit: Tezuka Productions / Bibury Animation Studios

Connecting all the dots from the previous episodes and side-by-side taking some help from the manga we have seen all five sisters go head to head to win the heart of their tutor Futaro, who has improved the girl’s grades has developed to understand them all individually.

We can finish some light on Futaro’s past fries and among the girls and who was that mysterious girl in his dream with whom he was going to get married. Many unanswered questions, we all cannot wait for Season 3 to be released, that we can all finally sleep in peace.