Recovery of an MMO Junkie Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

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Recovery of an MMO Junkie, known as Net-juu no Susume in Japanese, is an anime adaptation of a famous Japanese manga series written by Rin Kokuyō. The manga was first released as a webtoon on the Comicoo app. However, the manga was too good to stay limited to that. In fact, the animated adaptation was made due to the high success of the manga. Kazuyoshi Yaginuman directed the anime, and it aired had from October to December 2017.

The anime’s season one received a great response from both newcomers and manga fans. Three years have passed, and fans have been desperately waiting for the release of Season 2. Will there be Season 2? Or do we have to say goodbye to Recovery of an MMO Junkie? Keep reading to find out.

What happened so far in Recovery of an MMO Junkie

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The story of Recovery of an MMO Junkie revolves around the main character Moriko Morioka, who’s going through a difficult time in life because she feels annoyed with the people around her and feels unsettled with her taxing corporate job. After being unable to force herself anymore, she quit her eleven-year-old job to become a NEET and live a happier life. Moriko feels a lot lighter and happier after leaving her job, and since she has a lot of free time now, she decides to start playing online video games to escape from the real world and her thoughts.

Moriko begins playing a game called ‘Fruits de Mer,’ where she creates her character as a handsome male and names him Hayashi. Moriko meets a healer in the game named Lily, who helps her in the game. Moriko starts spending more and more time at home, playing the game, and Lily and Hayashi become close friends, and he even invites Lily to join his guild. In the real world, Moriko meets Yuuta Sakurai, a 28-year-old handsome employee. Yuuta may be connected to Moriko’s online life, and what life has decided for the next is something they couldn’t have ever predicted.

What is going on with signal.MD?

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After the production of season one, Signal.MD remained active and worked on various Hashiri Tsuzukete Yokattatte, episode five of FLCL Progressive, Dragon Goes House-Hunting, and Mars Red. They are currently working on the production of Platinum End and Hikari no Ō.

What do we know about Recovery of an MMO Junkie Season 2 so far?

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Unfortunately, there have been no official announcements regarding the release of Season 2. There have been no rumors or trailers either. Studios always remain quiet regarding a new season until the final time, so they’ve made sure no information has been leaked.

What are fans saying about Recovery of an MMO Junkie Season 2?

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Since the anime’s season one was so good, fans have been hoping for a season 2 to come out soon as well, and they’ve filled up social media platforms with posts about releasing Season 2. Fans believe that Recovery of an MMO Junkie deserves another season because it is simply a very good anime. But fans are worried about the source material of the anime because the author hasn’t released many chapters ever since her health began to deteriorate.

Will there be Recovery of An MMO Junkie Season 2?

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Recovery of an MMO Junkie has been a popular anime as shown on Google Trends, and fans have demanded a lot for Season 2, and the previous chapters of the manga gave a hint that it’ll be continued as well. However, there is insufficient source material for Season 2 which may be why the second season hasn’t been released yet. The manga author Rin Kokuyo had started publishing the manga online in 2013, and Kadokawa picked it up in 2015, who wrote the last two volumes, and since then, the manga has been on a hiatus. The manga has also gotten canceled on Comico due to Rin Kokoyo’s declining health. 

Moreover, there has been no official announcement regarding the renewal of season 2. But the creators haven’t canceled the show either. Maybe they are waiting for the author’s health to improve so more source material can be written for another season.

Considering the current circumstances, it can be confirmed that Season 2 will not be coming anytime soon, mainly because of the lack of source material. But seeing the anime’s popularity and demand, the creators will most likely make Season 2 after some time once enough source material is available.

When will Recovery of an MMO Junkie Season 2 be released?

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Since Recovery of an MMO Junkie Season 2’s release is not confirmed, its date cannot be confirmed either. Although Season 2 will not be coming out next year because there isn’t sufficient source material for it. If the producers make the second season after the source material is written, it would probably be released somewhere around 2023 or even 2024.

What can we expect in Season 2 of Recovery of an MMO Junkie?

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Since the source material for Season 2 is unavailable, its plot cannot be accurately anticipated either. But considering the ending of season one, in which Sakurai and Moriko are seen having feelings for each other and meeting each other in real life, Season 2 will probably show more sweet romance and comedy between them. Perhaps they both will officially start dating each other too.