Samurai Champloo filler list for September 2022

Credit: Manglobe

Samurai Champloo is a wild and reckless journey through feudal Japan that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The show was produced by Manglobe and aired in 2004. A total of twenty-six episodes were released, and there’s no filler content in this anime series!

In the town of Fuu, a young girl named Fuu works as a waitress in her family’s tea shop. Before being saved by Jin, she makes friends with muggers, who loot from other stores and samurai on their way to execute criminals. Jin is a ronin warrior outcast due to his association with Mugen during one such crime-fighting escapade when he proved himself worthy enough for this task after all others failed!

Together these extraordinary partners must set out into destiny while avoiding death at all costs.