Spice and Wolf Season 3: Release date, news and rumors

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An anime that takes a step away from the usual cliché sword fighting, dragons, wars, and overpowered screaming heroes theme. Spice And Wolf is an intriguing, unique fantasy anime that teaches about trade, economics, and peddling.

The Japanese light novel anime was written by Isuna Hasekura, with illustrations by Jū Ayakura. ASCII Media Works has published 22 novels of the series since 2006, and it has been reported that over 2.2 million copies have been sold since 2008. ASCII Media Works also published 5 volumes of the spin-off series in 2016 titled Wolf and Parchment. The manga consisting of 17 volumes started running in 2007 till 2017.Studio Brain’s base was in charge of the animation series of the anime.

What happened so far in Spice and Wolf

Credit: Imagin / Brain’s Base

Kraft Lawrence is a 25-year-old merchant who has been traveling for 7 years, with only one goal: to earn enough profits to start his own shop. Kraft travels to various towns to achieve that goal and moves far north to sell unique goods to earn a living.

Everything changes when he stops to rest in a town called Pasloe, where he one night finds a little child sleeping in his wagon, and upon closer inspection, he finds out that she has a wolf’s tail and ears. To his surprise, the strange child was the town’s Goddess of harvest named Holo and is over 600 years old. Still, sadly the town’s people have started to shun her away and don’t believe in her blessings and methods anymore and have started to use their own advanced methods to increase their harvest, forgetting the promise their forefathers had made to her about blessing the town with a good harvest. Hurt by the townspeople’s behavior; Holo strikes a deal with Lawrence to take her out of the village and to her hometown, Yoitsu, as she believes that she has fulfilled her promise and now has to move on.

Holo blesses Lawrence with her knowledge and wisdom during their travels, which increases his profits by tenfold, as she refers to herself as Holo, the wise wolf. All good things come with a price as Holo is a target of the Church who frequently attempts to kidnap her, making Lawrence come to her rescue countless times. During their journey, Lawrence notices Holo sometimes showing a vulnerable, childlike side due to her being lonely for over 600 years, and slowly he falls in love with her.

Holo, being a wise wolf, knows the difference between the lifespan of her kind and the humans, which is like the blink of an eye, and frequently jokes about it with Lawrence, along with joking about her feelings for him. At the end of the series Holo and Lawrence settle down and have a daughter named Mayuri, who takes up her mother’s personality and features. The creator then creates a sequel light novel called Wolf and Parchment, where Mayuri is the main character.

What is going on with Studio Brain’s Base?

Credit: Imagin / Brain’s Base

Studio Brain’s Base was in charge of the animation of Spice and Wolf Season 2, they have made much more anime since then and have had quite the success over the years, with their best shonen animes reaching the top charts.

Their best works are Kuragehime, Durarara, Natsume’s Book of friends, and Baccano. Lately, they have been working on more anime, such as Duel Masters King. To your Eternity second season, productions for these anime are to start in 2022.

What do we know about Spice and Wolf Season 3 so far?

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More than a decade has passed since fans last got to see their favorite series get an adaption; Spice and Wolf won the hearts of millions of Otakus worldwide with the unique artwork, anime plot, and heart-warming ending.

Despite public demand and countless petitions being signed for a Spice and Wolf season 3, the creator Hasekura disregarded the appeal and announced that he would not be making a season 3 for the anime, which is a huge shock for anime fans out there. Hasekura, since then, has been writing more novels and publishing them, his latest one being released in 2019 with any anime adaptation series following it.

Since 2016 ASCII Media Works has published 3 volumes of Wolf and Parchment and gotten a very favorable response, It looks like they won’t be needing an anime series to back their manga work.

What are fans saying about Spice and Wolf Season 3?

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It is not the fan’s fault for wanting a season 3 of Spice And Wolf to see how the new relationship of Lawrence and Holo continues, with the chemistry of the two making fans daydream. They signed petitions and held online discussions to persuade Hasekura to start production on a Season 3 for the anime. Their attempts have been futile, with many now leaving the hopes and moving on with other anime series.

Some fans were confused. However, they still don’t understand the theory or science behind the creators not releasing the 3rd season and asking on Quora, to which they are told that at times the manga and novels generate enough revenue to not go ahead with the production of its animated series, which is the same case as Spice And Wolf.

Will there be Spice Wolf Season 3?

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So far, there has been no official announcement from the creators or the studio for a season 3. Spice and Wolf reached #2 place in the New York Times Manga Best Seller List, just shy of first place. ASCII Media Works had even announced that they sold over 2.2 million copies of the first 9 novels in Japan only. Google Trends worldwide has shown statistics over 60+ average searches for the anime Spice and Wolf.

All in all, the anime is a hit even after over a decade of its release, but it still confuses us to know why the producers would not make a Season 3 of the anime when they have all the material and content to do so effortlessly. The Manga consisting of 17 volumes, started running in 2007 and ending its term in 2017. After all of these results, we can say the anime is very much ready for Season 3 but it all depends on the producers now to take the initiative and go for it.

When will Spice and Wolf Season 3 be released?

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We’d hate to burst any fan’s bubble of desires and dreams over a Season 3 for Spice and Wolf, but it seems there won’t be any more animated series and just the manga to be released by ASCII Media Works.

The producers saw no reason to start the production for the anime as they have generated an ample amount of sales already from the manga and novel series, which has been a fan favorite for quite some time. We all have our fingers crossed for Season 3 and are praying to the Gods above that they do some miracle and make the producers start their production.

What can we expect in Season 3 of Spice and Wolf?

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We will get to see Lawrence and Holo’s new relationship in the works and how they tackle all their problems and daily adventures, especially since the birth of their daughter Mayuri who has taken up from her mother and has an immense amount of energy drive her parents insane. The season will revolve around Mayuri, who will now be the center of attention.