Terra Formars Season 3: Release date, news and rumors

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Terra Formars is based on a Japanese manga series written by Yu Sasuga and illustrated by Kenichi Tachibana. The manga series has over twenty-two volumes published in Shueisha’s magazine ‘Weekly Young Jump’ and the English publishers were Viz Media from January 13th to December 13th 2011. 

Two original video animations (OVA’s) were released in 2014, along with an animated television series covering Annex 1 arc in 2014, the studio behind the release of the anime was Liden Films, TYO Animations. Another manga which was a spin-off of the series titled, ‘Terra for Police’ has started on May 10, 2014. There was a live-action film adaptation directed by Takashi Miike, which was released in 2016. 

What Happened So Far In Terra Formars

Credit: Liden Films

Like many previous methods to colonize Mars, scientists in Japan had this time send some cockroaches to Mars to see if the possibility of humans to live on Mars is feasible. Terra Formars are roaches that adapted to the climate and terrain of Mars which transformed their bodies like humans and even evolved their mental capabilities to surpass humans. However, their hatred for humans grew over time similar to human’s hatred for cockroaches.

Over 500 years later, the first manned ship to Mars lands but is attacked by these mutated humanoid roaches who kill all six members of the crew. A warning signal gets send back to earth but no one understand the true cause. A second space craft is sent to Mars titled “BUGS II’, where there are genetically modified humans, but only two survivors return to earth with samples of the two sexes of the species. Questions are asked over the species origin and their purpose, not to mention their relation to the unknown disease (Alien Engine Virus or A.E. Virus) that inversely affects mankind.

The third expedition that reaches Mars ends up largely being killed, either by the humanoid Terra Formars or by killing each other in a mutiny as there were people of different factions and mindsets onboard. Despite that, the few survivors who reached back to earth had managed to smuggle in the antidote and samples for the research on how to cure the A.E. Virus but to their surprise they were met with even bigger problems. The Terra Formars had reached earth by the help of the first expedition’s space shuttle and had adapted far better and faster to the environment on earth than to their homeland; they had multiplied, adapted and were fighting head on with the humans for their land and had made big plans to take over the planet.

What Is Going On With Studio TYO Animations?

Credit: Liden Films

TYO Animations, commonly known as Yumeta Company is a Japanese animation studio formed in 1990. On December 1, 2017, Memory Tech Holdings had acquired TYO Animations and made it a part of Graphinica. They also announced that the company’s name would be changed back to Yumeta Company.

The studio have been in charge of different television series such as Wolf Girl and Black Prince, Tera Formars, Sengoku Musou, Re: Stage! Dream Days and their recent ones which will be announced soon are Muv-Luv Alternative, CUE! And Tokyo Mew Mew New, all of which are scheduled to be released somewhere around 2021-2022.

What do we know about Terra Formars Season 3 so far?

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Terra Formars is a sci-fi, horro anime that got its first season released on August 19, 2014 which consisted of thirteen episodes; the second season released in 2016 consisted of thirteen episodes, but after the second season, the second season studio went dead quiet over Season 3.

The reason behind the delay of the anime and the manga was because of health issues of the author of the manga series, Yu Sasuga, because of which there have been no official announcements by the studio over a possible Season 3. Fans have a different view over the Season 3 of the anime, they feel that the studio should make Season 3 way better than the previous seasons as they were very let down by them. Season 3 is still a 50/50 chance as producers have left the anime series on a tight rope, with no information about their plans.

What are fans saying about Terra Formars Season 3?

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Mixed opinions is what fans have about the anime with many finding problems with the poor character design, the pace of the plot and even the over filling of fighting scenes that get boring as they get progress further into the anime. The anime could be watched both censored and uncensored, the latter is the better choice as with the censorship most of the bloody fighting scenes with gore are blacked out, which means half of the episodes being blacked out. The sound track or voice acting is nothing special or award winning with many moments of the anime having frozen characters with voices in the background for dialogues.

Overall, fans found the anime terrible, inconsistent, and too focused on fighting with poor focus on the storyline. However, this is a great anime for otaku’s who love fights and gore to a very extreme level and see how the series will progress further and increase the intensity of the fighting. Many fans have even showed no interest in pursuing the anime just by watching the first episode and their reason being was, “Not Liking the Animation.”

Will there be Terra Formars Season 3?

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After disappearing for two years, the anime series came back with a bang in 2018 for a final run with its completed season 2. The producers had published two more volumes that year to wrap up the show. The manga consisted of twenty-two volumes with more than enough source material for Season 3.

The anime has been ranked 5104 on MyAnimeList and had a rating of 6.70, in terms of popularity the series was 6102. Terra Formars Revenge sold over 407 Preliminary DVD and Blu-ray Sales ranking in spring of 2016. The series even had a downward curve on the google trending searches with searches falling down from 2016.

Critics for the anime series rose over time but that didn’t stop the producers from releasing two more OVA’s episodes in 2018. The possibility of the anime series producing Season 3 is likely. However, we can’t confirm for certain until the writer Yu Sasuga gets better in the future.

When will Terra Formars Season 3 be released?

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Terra Formars Season 3 has a 50/50 percent chance of getting Season 3 anytime in the future. The anime series got a big full stop to its productions when the manga writer Yu Sasuga got sick, which delayed the manga and the anime productions. Fans have shown a great distaste to the anime art style and slow plot,t which has little to no storyline and many fighting scenes that get boring and repetitive as we progress further into the anime series.

There have been no official announcement from the producers or the studio surrounding the release date for Season 3. The studio, however, has started work on other anime series, so it seems unlikely that we would be getting Season 3 anytime soon.

What Can We Expect In Season 3 Of Terra Formars?

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Hopefully, we can see the producers giving us a better ending than what they presented us in Season 1 and 2. The series could be getting an honorable ending with the revolutionary fighters who are waging war against the humanoid Roaches and coming victorious after the war.

Fans hope to get an improved art style, and plot twist in the anime with the studio pays a bit more attention to the anime details such as pace of the storyline, less censorship of fight scenes, realistic character art style, and voice acting. In a nutshell, we hope to see a huge improvement in Season 3 of Terra Formars and not be let down by the studio for a consecutive third time.