The Familiar of Zero Season 5: Release date, news and rumors

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What’s better than a mix of magic and romance to make up a thrilling anime.

Although last seen a few years ago, The Familiar of Zero remains one of the most popular anime series on Crunchyroll and in the hearts of anime lovers across the globe.

The last we saw of this fantasy anime with a splash of romance was in 2012 when the Familiar of Zero Season 4 hit our screens. It’s been years since, and fans still want to know if there’s hope for a Season 5. We have the answer in this article. 

What happened so far in the Familiar of Zero?

Credit: J.C.Staff

The Familiar of Zero is an anime adaptation based on the light novel series written by Noboru Yamaguchi and illustrated by Eiji Usatsuka. 

The plot follows the life of Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere, a petite girl who’s also a magician in a world of magic, spells, and charms.

Louise is the third daughter of the Valliere Family- a noble family in the magic world. Louise goes to the Tristain Academy of Magic, where she’s expected to learn to become a great magician, but Louise finds herself the school’s laughing stock. Each time she tries to use magic, Louise creates disasters, and her terrible skills earn her the nickname “Louise the Zero” from her classmates. She’s ostracized by her family and most people who don’t want to associate with her failures. 

One day at the academy, the students are asked to summon their familiar. They do their magic, and while everyone else summons a magical, majestic, and powerful creature to be their companion and protector, Louise summons a normal boy from Tokyo.

Saito is as surprised as everyone else, but Louise is angry at yet another failure. She sets out to be mean to Saito as if punishing him for being her familiar. Louise enslaves Saito to do her chores, eat off the ground, and so on. But as time goes on, she comes to like Saito romantically.

Saito himself develops feelings for Louise and becomes protective of her. The two carry us through seasons of adventures, growth, and determination. 

The author of the source material, the light novel series, died before he could complete the story. A new author continued the story to finish it in two additional volumes using the notes left behind by Yamaguchi. 

What’s Going on With j.C.staff?

Credit: J.C.Staff

J.C.Staff is the producer of The Familiar of Zero. They produced the series from season 1 to season 4. And they’ve done much more popular anime series as well. Examples of their productions include Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma, A Certain Magical Index, Date A Live, Toradora!, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K., Maid Sama!, The Familiar of Zero, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Bakuman, Shakugan no Shana, Little Busters!, Azumanga Daioh, and One-Punch Man season 2. 

They’re still very much active and have several projects lined up for early 2022. 

What do we know about Familiar of Zero Season 5 so far?

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From July 3, 2006, to September 25, 2006, The Familiar of Zero season 1 was introduced to our screens. The second season Zero no Tsukaima: Knight of the Twin Moons ran in the same months of 2007. Then Season 3, Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo aired in 2008. And the fourth season, Zero no Tsukaima F, aired in early 2012. 

Season 4 sort of wrapped up the story and gave us a suitable ending. Hence, it seemed clear that the anime was done for good.

So far, there have been no rumors, no teasers, or trailers to hint at a Season 5. Both the studio and the new writer seem to have moved on. 

What are fans saying about the Familiar of Zero Season 5?

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While fans love the series, they are not so hopeful for a Season 5. Many people believe the story had a fitting ending, and they’re because the original author, Noboru Yamaguchi, passed away. Few people have their hopes up for a Season 5 of The Familiar of Zero. 

Although, if it happens without being too much or bad for the story and reception. 

Will there be a Familiar of Zero Season 5? 

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The Familiar of Zero was adapted as both anime and manga. The light novels are one of the top-selling in Japan, with over 6.8 million copies in print.

According to Google Trends, this loved series is still being talked about on social media and even in Japan

It has the interest but not in the sense of needing a season 5. Since the author is no more and both the light novel and the anime have been given suitable endings, it’s safe to say there won’t be a season 5 of The Familiar of Zero.

When will the Familiar of Zero Season 5 be released?

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There’s no release date or even talk of the possibility for now. At some point, all good stories must end, and that seems to be the case for this anime. 

What Can We Expect From Familiar of Zero Season 5?

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If there is a Season 5, we can expect more of our main characters Louise and Saito. There should be more of their bittersweet romance and growth. Maybe new characters will be welcome? Or just more magical adventures.

If you would love to see more of the series, you can binge the seasons again from start to finish or try the light novels. There have also been side stories released you can dig into. 

Should anything about the Familiar of Zero change, we’ll know it and let you in, too.