The King’s Avatar Season 3: Release date, news and rumors

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The King’s Avatar is a donghua ONA series based on a web novel written by Hu Die lan. Tencent produces the series. In 2018, a three-episode sequel to the series was premiered, and after a long delay, the second season finally aired in 2020.

Only a few months after the last episode aired of Season 2, fans began asking all over the internet about Season 3. The action, adventure, and esports anime surprised the fans with its exciting storyline and beautiful animation. Luckily, some exciting news is available regarding the third season; continue reading to find out about it.

What Happened So Far In The King’s Avatar

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The anime follows the story of Ye Xiu, who for many years is considered a prodigy player of the game “Glory.” Ye Xiu was so passionate about gaming that he spent day and night on fights, victories, a few defeats, championships, etc. He had no idea what was going on in the world because his life was concise to the gaming world.

After many years, Ye Xiu faces unfortunate circumstances due to which he discontinues playing the game. He was the captain of the team “Excellent Era,” from which he was forced to resign. Ye Xiu starts working on the night shift at Happy Internet Cafe, where he meets the Café’s owner, Chen Guo, who’s a big fan of Ye Xiu, and waitress Tang Rou who also plays the online game. Ye Xiu started training Tang Rou so she could perfect her skills and return to the game.

While waiting to return to competitive gaming, Ye Xiu also plays Glory and builds a character from scratch. He starts working on finding new, skilled players and making a team of competitive, professional gamers.

In the last season, Ye Xiu finally finds new team members, and his team becomes eligible for registering in the Season 9, qualifiers, and starting their journey for the championship. His team name is Team Happy, and the team debuts in the Season 9 qualifiers and finally enters the Glory Professional Alliance in Season 10.

What Is Going On With Tencent?

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The King’s Avatar was produced by Tencent Pictures, a subsidiary of the Chinese internet company Tencent. Tencent has made the first two seasons and three specials of The King’s Avatar, and it has confirmed that it will be producing the third season as well.

What do we know about The King’s Avatar Season 3 so far?

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There were many rumors on the internet that Season 3 was coming. Finally, the rumors were confirmed when on the official Weibo account of King’s Avatar, it was posted that Season 3 will be coming out. On August 8, 2021, during their conference, Tencent mentioned King’s Avatar Season 3 in the list of their projects for 2021 and 2022. They also revealed a teaser featuring Ye Xiu, which is the first PV for the third season.

What are fans saying about The King’s Avatar Season 3?

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Fans have been desperately waiting for the third season ever since the second season finished airing. The creators took so long to announce Season 2 that fans didn’t expect Season 3 to be declared a few months after the second season. Fans were surprised and extremely happy after seeing the key visual and announcement for the third season. They couldn’t believe the awaited news was finally here, and social media platforms became filled with the news.

Will there be The King’s Avatar Season 3?

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Viewers appreciated the King’s Avatar, and it is a popular series, as shown on Google Trends. The anime was very successful as it received many awards and nominations, such as the China Animation Golden Dragon Award in September 2017.

On September 27, 2020, the first episode of Season 2 was aired, and it got over 1.3 Million views on Youtube. The episodes followed afterward also received a lot of views, but the number of views declined after the sixth episode. However, on average, each episode had 600k to 1M views which is still a lot. However, the last few episodes only got a few thousand episodes.

However, King’s Avatar received a lot of love from fans and demands for a second season. The producers saw the success of the first two seasons and decided to announce the third season finally. The third season was announced on King’s Avatar’s official social media account and at a press conference by Tencent, along with a key visual shown above. A live-action adaptation of the series was also made, which is streaming on Netflix.

So yes, The King’s Avatar season 3 is officially coming out.

When will The King’s Avatar Season 3 be released?

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Thus far, officials have only confirmed the release of Season 3, but they have not confirmed the release date. But considering the pattern of their previous releases, it can be anticipated that Season 3 will be approximately launched in April 2022.

What Can We Expect In Season 3 Of The King’s Avatar?

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Season 2 ended with Team Happy entering the competition, and fans can get excited for Season 3 as some notable battles are about to come. Season 3 will show Team Happy work their way up the ranks and their journey of surviving in this highly competitive champion Weon; we will find out if Team Happy gets to kiss the trophy Hi, or G this season finale.