Tower of God Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

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I am wondering when the second season of Tower of God is coming out?

You’ve come to the right place! We gathered all the latest news about Tower of God, Telecom Animation Film, and any possibilities for a second season!

What Happened So Far In Tower of God

Credit: Telecom Animation Film

Tower of God is a webtoon adaptation following a young boy called Twenty-Fifth Bam. Twenty-Fifth Bam, called Bam for short, lives his entire life with his childhood friend, Rachael. Bam lives in a mysterious cave under the titular Tower, Rachael being the first living being he met. The reason for his forced solitude was that he could not leave his cave because of a transparent barrier only he could not pass.

The story unfolds as our trapped protagonist’s childhood friend leaves for the tower, leaving Bam miserable from the loss of his companion. Somehow, the hero manages to open the tower doors, thus becoming an “irregular,” not chosen by the tower, and challenges himself to climb the tower and find Rachael, no matter what.

Throughout his journey, he meets new allies, makes enemies, and overcomes countless tests to meet Rachael again. Bam discovers countless stories and gradually uncovers some of the mystique around the Tower, but the more we find out, the more questions there are to ask. Eventually, Bam does catch up to Rachael, happy reunion. Well, not with the situation, and he has seemingly completed his goal. But not all is as it seems!

The first season ends with Rachael showing Bam her true colors and revealing herself as the main antagonist, and she’s not the Rachael he remembers.

What Is Going On With Telecom Animation Films?

Credit: Telecom Animation Film

Tower of God premiered on April 2 and ended on June 25, 2020, after thirteen episodes. The anime is produced by the Telecom Animation Films studio, directed by Takashi Sano, who worked on Lupin the Third and written by Erika Yoshida, the writer for Trickster. Miho Tanino, the animation director for the first few episodes, created and perfected character designs. Kevin Penkin does the score – the creator of the score for Made in Abyss, which won Anime of the Year and Best Score in 2017.

Telecom Animation Films are the studio best known for such anime as Lupin III and, more recently, Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san. Their works focus on a specifically Japanese audience, meaning they have a lot of cultural references not easily caught by non-native viewers. The studio is known for its story writing and choreography, the fights in Tower of God, or the incredible cinematography of Lupin III being our example.

Currently, the studio is working on a feature-length film named “Blue Thermal” and has no other anime productions lined up in preparation for air. The freedom the studio thus has allows for some hope of a continuation of the adaptation as soon as ate 2022 or early 2023 when their schedule is cleared.

What do we know about Tower of God Season 2 so far?

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Sadly, nothing has been announced about the second season of Tower of God by the studio. The anime’s first season has concluded over a year ago, so some fans might feel like there is no hope.

Crunchyroll has not regarded the show as canceled, and there is plenty of material to work with. From the information we have, Tower of God was also a commercial success, meaning there is plenty of incentives for the studio to continue work on the show.

What are fans saying about Tower of God Season 2?

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Discussion of Season 2 on online forums isn’t that widespread, as lots of fans opt to read the webtoon instead. The fandom is still active and thriving, albeit on the source material. The silence that the fans met from the studio about the second season is concerning to many viewers. Who knows if Telecom Animation Films decide to continue the show.

Some fans say that the continuation is very likely; not guaranteed and are eagerly waiting for Telecom Animation Films to share news on Season 2.

Will there be Tower of God Season 2?

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While there isn’t much to do in official content, you can go onto fan forums if you want to stay engaged while waiting for the second season of Tower of God. People actively discuss the show, theorize, create art, and even their own stories around the universe.

Maybe you don’t want to read fan content, which is fine, as the comic is free to read on webtoon. You can read ahead in wait or relive your experience by re-reading what has already happened thus far; some fans have a preference for the webtoon.

If we check Google trends we can see that the show is still widely searched online – even hitting a record high score of 100/100 in May this year. The show has a 7.59 on MAL and was very hyped when it came out, giving us a good chance for a Tower of God Season 2.

The show was also reasonably uncontroversial and well-received, and the production team is well-liked – as such, there are no significant hiccups towards the production of Season 2.

When will Tower of God Season 2 be released?

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We can expect the second season to be released after being announced in late 2022 after Telecom Animation Film finishes work on Blue Thermal. This means that the earliest estimates are spring 2023 i. That doesn’t happen then; the latest would beat autumn 2023.

What Can We Expect In Season 2 Of Tower of God?

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Viewers are waiting with bated breath to see where the show will take Rachael and Bam next; notably, a large portion of the community despises Rachael as a character. Fans can expect the hated antagonist to get some karmic revenge and find out more about the mysterious Tower of God, said to grant anything your mind desires and why Rachael wants to get to the top.

While you wait, you can rewatch the show on Crunchyroll, or read the comic for free on WebToon.