Tsugumomo filler list for October 2022

Credit: Zero-G

The first season of Tsugumomo anime was released in 2017 with 12 episodes. Tsugumomo has no filler episodes.

Kazuya Kagami, an ordinary boy living in modern-day Tokyo with his sister Mikuru and father Masahiro found that everything had changed when their late mother’s obi transformed into a girl wearing a kimono named Kiriha. She happened to be Tsukumogamies (objects which acquire souls) called “tsugumomo” through years of harmony with owners who wish for them so much they become alive–even before there were humans! The first time he met this new acquaintance was after being attacked by amasogi: premature spirits born only if someone made impure wishes against others’ wills or lives… And she saved him from certain death.