Twin Star Exorcists Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

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Fantasy and the supernatural genre have been dominating the world of anime for a long time. I don’t know about you guys, but Fantasy is one of my favorite genres of all time; anime is known for bringing fantasies into real life, and people watch anime to Escape this so-called Reality. The show was enjoyable and memorable; like myself, millions of fans are waiting for Season 2.

Twin Start Exorcist has become one of the most entertaining fantasy anime for a few reasons. At first, the show may seem like your usual cliche anime where the MC keeps getting stronger at a strange rate; it’s like there is no limit to powerful monsters. The point is that it’s an anime, so it doesn’t have to make sense; you will enjoy the series.

So, let’s dive in and see the progressions of Twin Star Exorcist about their studio, the community, and the further development of the show.

What happened so far in Twin Star Exorcists

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The story follows a young girl named Benio Adashiro, a top-tier exorcist; she deals with a natural impurity known as Kagare. The exorcist union of Tokyo summons her to cleanse the city with her incredible exorcist powers; on the way, she meets a young man named Enmadou Rokuro, an exorcist but hesitates to use his powers.

The impurities of Magano do not rest; seeing little children being stolen by a Kagare, Benio, along with Rokuro, rushes in to save those kids. In the process, she gets trapped; she is eventually rescued by Rokuro, who later reveals his true powers are becoming a capable rival to her.

What is going on with Studio Pierrot?

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The first season of Twin Star Exorcist aired from Apr 6, 2016, to Mar 29, 2017. I remember it was the same year I started watching anime; I could see the weekly episode, and waiting for each episode every week was such a pain, I started to wait a couple of weeks to binge a couple of episodes every month.

Studio Pierrot is known for making some of the most popular animes, including Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, Bleach, and recently Black Clover, most of the shows.

The show is directed by Taguchi, Tomohisa, also known for producing amazing shows such as Akudama Drive, Digimon, and Haganai. Studio Pierrot has recently released their anime Platinum End, a supernatural, psychological anime quite similar to Mirai Nikki, a show about a murderous anime, and the winner gets to be a god; the premise is that the show is quite similar but with fewer twists and turns.

What do we know about Twin Star Exorcists Season 2 so far?

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Whether or not a show like Twin Start Exorcist will receive a second season, the probability of that depends on the amount of net profit the show made since its first official launch. The show made record-breaking sales in the manga section; however, the anime wasn’t as popular. Thus far, there hasn’t been any news regarding Season 2 of the show.

On the official website, you can see that the manga made an incredible amount of sales in every new volume, which might be the reason why we won’t receive Season 2. A source on Reddit states that Twin Star Exorcist didn’t follow the manga, it was an original anime series, and the way it ended, we can assume that there won’t be a sequel to it.

What are fans saying about Twin Star Exorcists Season 2?

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There are of courses two kinds of people, those who liked the show very much and enjoyed every moment of it and then there are those who disliked it from the start. In many reviews on MyAnimeList, people are pretty angry with how the show was; the entire series was very cliche and bland. The main character is this super OP guy who continues to get stronger with every episode, with little to no personality and a kuudere female lead, making the show very cringe-worthy.

In many aspects, the show made me remember Gurren Lagann, which breaks all the laws in every way imaginable, but how do they get away with it, you ask? Well, it’s enjoyable; millions of fans will admit the show is quite stupid if you chase logic in it, the purpose of a show is to be entertaining, and it provided us with that. However, Twin Star Exorcist starts in the same way but slowly becomes repetitive and exhausting to watch.

Will there be Twin Star Exorcists Season 2?

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Let’s talk about the manga for a bit; we know that Twin Star Exorcist is an anime original and did not follow the manga plotlines, so with that in mind, it seems pretty clear that there will never be a second season for the show, it is said after the intro story was covered form the manga which was the first five chapters. I’d recommend continuing reading from that if you want to cover the story. The way the series ended, it seems very unlikely there will be another season; we might get to see a redo of the entire show just like Hellsing but not a sequel.

Have a look at these google statistics charts, the popularity of the show has been coming down quite complicated, which might be because of how the show ended, there is nothing left for further development, the show is widespread in most of Asia and European countries but not much going in the US.

When will Twin Star Exorcists Season 2 be released?

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The good news is that the show is available to watch on Netflix. However, nothing suggests that we will get to see a sequel to the series anytime soon.

For now, Studio Pierrot released one of their latest shows, Platinum End which will end somewhere between 2022. We can just wait for now and see if we hear some news regarding a sequel of Twin Star Exorcist.

What Can We Expect In Season 2 of Twin Star Exorcists?

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It might be challenging to explain what might happen next in the anime. We know that the show was an anime original and did not follow the manga after the initial intro. So nothing can be said about what might happen after the anime is an entirely new account.

Many fans consider the show to be over with the way it ended; it doesn’t leave much room for another season, but nothing can be said for sure; we might get to see a reboot of the series in any way.