World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

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Did World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman feel like it lacked coherence or, perhaps, a little rushed?

Let’s take a few steps back and look at what was covered in the first season, its development, and the likelihood of getting another season.

What happened so far in World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman

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Welcome to the realm of Akane Academy, home of the young and growing students learning the art of becoming Saviors. These specialists utilize high-fantasy-like powers and abilities of their former incarnations.

Having just enrolled in this academy with no prior knowledge of his former incarnation, protagonist Moroha Haimura hasn’t got the slightest mastery of the craft. As with most series with OP protagonists, Moroha awakens to his true power with the help of an emotional push. Expectedly, an organization specializing in the dispatch of young Saviors like the Strikers took an interest in his potential once revealed.

As the series shows more of its characters and lore, the setting also unveils an overall scale of abilities and general prowess than Saviors can become, though probably not so much with the Metaphyicals that are supposed to be their sworn enemies. This includes the Six Heads, the best class S Saviors in the world, and “other entities” that put conflict into the basic idea of Saviors as a whole.

In particular, Elena Arshavina, or Lesha, wields a unique weapon from her past life that negates most of a Savior’s fundamental capabilities. Spoiler alert, this sweet-acting transfer student took it upon herself to attempt to kill Moroha, and this ended in challenging the very authorities who tricked her in the first place: the Russian Saviors Division.

The final challenge brought to the first cour of the series was, of course, Metaphysical. At last, the context of the first climax scene at the start of the series is finally revealed, along once again, with the story of their past lives concerning each other.

Long story short, the unusually articulate Metaphysical was finally what it took to (temporarily) break Moroha’s OP status in an all-out fight with everyone fighting for a chance to save Japan’s odd series and perhaps obtain the second season.

What’s Going on With Diomedea?

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The first episode of WaruBure aired at the start of Winter Anime Season of 2015, from January 11, ending on March 29th for a single cour of twelve episodes. Diomedea (whom some of you might fondly remember before as Studio Barcelona) was in charge of the adaptation and was directed and written by Takayuki Inagaki and Hiroshi Yamaguchi, respectively. Sound Wing composed the score for the series, which is produced by… yup, Takayuki again.

Diomedea is undoubtedly no beginner when it comes to reimagining fantasy-based fights in light novel adaptations. WareBure kind of feels like a direct step up from the visual techniques they previously used for Campione!, particularly the misty auras used to represent a fighting character’s prana. At the same time, the interaction of the Metaphysical models (and other similar objects like Vasilisa’s Celestial Crusaders) didn’t seem too jarring to watch. Scenes depicting rolling motion had that video game cutscene feel with the 3D rendered backgrounds contrastingSaviors’e gray and misty suits in action. Nonetheless, the series shows speedy fights with somewhat relatively convincing scaling in physical interactions until the end.

Oh yes, and those finger enchantments, oh man!

During production, it has been revealed that the original light novel author Akamitsu Awamura was heavily involved in the development of the storyboard and script, going all the way from his home in Hiroshima to Diomedea’s headquarters in Tokyo.

Despite the somewhat mixed views from both fans of the original light novels and new anime audiences, WaruBure stands out (for better or for worse) among other previously featured MF Bunko adaptations.

As for the actual materials used for the adaptation, the first cour extends up to the third volume of the light novel (fourth volume of the manga), so those interested to continue from the anime’s conclusion may do so from that point in the meantime.

What do we know about WaruBure Season 2 so far?

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At the moment, there are no new announcements about anything related to the entire WaruBure series. This is despite still having at least nineteen more volumes to cover for the whole of the series. This is, of course, not an uncommon phenomenon for light novel adaptations.

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere aired the same year with only the first few volumes adapted despite having a total of twenty-nine (29) volumes for the main light novel series.

Thankfully, at least for anime fans at that time, a mobile game was released for iOS, and Android devices were released on October 1st, 2016. However, that too eventually went offline on January 31st, 2017.

What are Fans Saying About WaruBure Season 2?

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At this point, nothing. Discussion about having new seasons that would cover later material of the source already started waning since 2017.

The general opinion is that WaruBure remains unique among other MF Bunko adaptations to this day. Hopefully, there will be a new set of audiences that would once again ask the eternal question. Nevertheless, to the present, many other anime fans are occupied with more contemporary material.

Will there be WaruBure Season 2?

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The verdict is very unlikely, even if interest momentarily surged right after it aired since 2015. With the mobile game adaptation closing its servers one year after launch, confidence for alternative media outlets for the franchise is at an all-time low. It doesn’t have much in the way of collectible material, as most of what was available at the time of its airing are no longer functional today.

Nope, there wasn’t even a new drama CD or an OVA within the last six years.

Therefore, apart from the first twelve episodes of the anime adaptation (available in English for both Funimation and Crunchyroll), as well as the twenty-two and four volumes of the light novel and manga, respectively, there will be no other way to enjoy WaruBure for the foreseeable future.

When will WaruBure Season 2 be released?

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Most likely never.

What can we expect in Season of WaruBure?

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If another season of this magical reincarnation fight series becomes greenlit, the material to be covered would be the subsequent three volumes (volumes four, five, and six of the light novels). This is a bit of a shame since this is partly where the lore of the series finally casts an iron mold on the development of its main cast.

With that said, and not to spoil anything for the overeager, the coverage for such new material for season two will still be quite far (hint: the true last boss) from the real tribulations Moroha and gang are about to experience.